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get back into alignment and restore balance to life

get back into alignment and restore balance to life

Dr Jacques Durell

M:Tech: Chiropractic A12264

Dr Durell has special interests as a Chiropractor in sports medicine, nutrition and Chiropractic techniques. With the aims of facilitating health and well-being by correcting spinal misalignment, posture and gait, as well as providing the appropriate rehabilitative exercises, ergonomic and lifestyle advice.

In family practice, strong emphasis is placed on reaching a definitive diagnosis and addressing the cause rather than treating the mere symptoms. Emphasis is placed on thorough history taking and a functional medicine approach, as well being able to recognize the need for a timely referral.

Dr Durell has provided Chiropractic treatment at many sporting events including all disciplines of running, men’s and woman’s hockey, soft ball, tennis, MMA, calisthenics, gymnastics, soccer and rugby.  He has also worked multiple times at events such as the Comrades Marathon, international qualifying events/games hosted by Swimming South Africa and the iron man.

Over the years he has worked with local rugby teams including PMB collegians and Durban VC. A large part of his experience was spent within community service, working at Cato ridge, Marburg haven, Sea Cow Lake and Rainbow Chicken farm.

Dr Durell treats classic injuries and a full spectrum of conditions, as well as acute/chronic pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. These can not only affect joints and muscles but the entire body. Not forgetting the biopsychosocial approach and the importance of Psycho-neuro-immunologic health and wellness.

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Dr Jacques Durell

Treatment modalities used

Diversified Chiropractic technique; Manual therapy, Soft tissue therapy; Strapping and taping; Dry needling, Vibration Therapy; Cryotherapy and heat therapy; Electrotherapy (Tens and EMS unit).